youth project

Wheels Workshop is an engagement, enrichment and intervention program for teenagers aged between 13 and 17 in and around Swindon, Wiltshire.

Schools use Wheels Workshop to:

  1. Engage and incentivize teenagers who are struggling with school and are at risk of dropping out.

  1. Attract teenagers back into education who have not been attending school.

  1. Reward and enrich the curriculum for students interested in motor vehicles and engineering.


  1. Restoring, repairing and re-building mopeds, motorcycles and cars.

  1. Theory, debate and discussion around the rules if the road.

  1. Riding and driving sessions.

The workshop:

Wheels Workshop is mobile and travels to schools in the surrounding area to set up and deliver workshop sessions.


in association with the


Hands on workshop skills
Work experience
Rider training.
Conservatory Workshop
Outdoor Workshop
Art/DT room Workshop